Thursday, 26 April 2012

New Art Supplies :)

Whenever I have a new craft project in mind, I always think, "Oh man, I wish they had Target, Michaels or Jo-Ann store here in England." I really miss being able to one stop shop for sewing supplies, fabrics, paper, yarn, etc. I generally stock up on crafty stuff when I go back but today I was lucky enough to find some supplies for a few future projects.

Cardboard letters! I know, every Michaels store carries these but not here! I found these at my local Tiger store for £2 each. I plan to decoupage them somehow and make something similar to these map monograms. I also picked up a pack of decorative paper for card making. 40 sheets of paper for £2? That's a score in my book.

Acrylic paints and mini canvases for some DIY artwork from Rhymans. I don't think I've ever painted on canvas so this should be interesting. I want some new artwork for my desk space and hope to create something similar to this chevron wall art.

Oh, and finally a work in progress. It's a quilt to go with the pillow that I made here.

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