Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Union Jack Cushion..."I Love London"

Yes, yet another Union Jack Cushion/Pillow...

[Btw, I finally learned that here in the UK, a "cushion" is the decorative thing that you put on your sofa and a "pillow" is what goes on your bed. To contrast, in the US, a "cushion" is what you sit on when on your sofa while a "pillow" is everything else. Confused yet?]

Anyway, this one is a birthday present for my big sister (if you're reading this, it's in the mail!). She picked out all the fabrics to remind her of her last trip to London. Again, I used a pattern from the Bramble Patch like in my previous cushions here and here).



I used a serpentine stitch to do some simple quilting. I didn't think it needed any more since the fabrics had such busy patterns.

I hope she enjoys the cushion's such a happy little thing.