Friday, 3 August 2012

Sherbet Pips Quilt - Finished!

I have finally finished my Sherbet Pips quilt! Hooray! I got side tracked by lots of other projects so unfortunately, this quilt took me a few months to complete. One of those projects was a matching Sherbet Pips pillow.

However, it's my first finished quilt in a very long time (we're talking years) so it proved to be a good exercise in brushing up on all my skills. I'm super pleased with it and it's now lovingly referred to as Little Miss' "special blanket."

A few stats:

- Fabric: Sherbet Pips charm pack (center), kona medium grey (borders) and Sherbet Pips scarf stripe in pink (backing + binding).

- Pattern: Originally, I intended to use the Charm Squares Baby Quilt Pattern from Elizabeth Hartman but I miscalculated the amount of sashing fabric that I needed. So instead, I just sewed all the charm pack rows together (after following Elizabeth's piecing instructions) into one piece and then used the sashing fabric for a border.

- Borders: Although I typically hand finish my borders I wanted to try a machine sewing technique instead. It was a bit fiddly but found it to be much quicker to finish.

- Quilting: I machine quilted with simple straight lines approximately 1" apart.


  1. I love this quilt with a total vengeance. It is gorgeous and I have most of the stuff to make it too. Please let me know where I can get the pattern for this please? Thank you so much.
    Patricia x

    1. Hi Patricia. As for the pattern, I used a modified version of Elizabeth Hartman's Charm Squares Baby quilt pattern. You can download it here: I cut the charm squares as directed, then sewed them together in rows and omitted the sashing fabric. I then added a solid border around the charm squares. I hope this makes sense!

      Did you comment on flickr as well? If you have any more questions, just email me :)

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! How big is it (approximately)? I love how you changed up the pattern to meet your needs - and it looks terrific!

    1. Hi Erica. The final dimensions are 37" W x 40" H. I'm so glad you like the quilt!

  3. Oh I really love this! This and Little Apples are my favorite fabrics ever! How did you do the amazingly even quilting lines? I have tried tape and my machine's bar but neither seem effective.