Monday, 6 August 2012

Pinterest Inspiration...DIY Map Frame

*Update - this project actually won the Pinterest Challenge for August 2012. Hooray!

Pinterest Challenge

Do you Pinterest? I'm sure you do! I love using Pinterest for gathering different ideas for crafting, cooking sewing and decorating. For a friend's recent engagement party, I turned to Pinterest to find ideas for a unique engagement present and here is what I came up with...

{PS - I used these sites for inspiration: Hello Lidy and Martha Stewart. I also used this post by homemade by jill as inspiration for the venn diagram.}

The happy couple got engaged while on holiday in Scotland so I thought a map frame would be very appropriate. I used a simple white matted frame and purchased the map from my local book store.

Since there are other tutorials out there, I'll just add a few tips:
- Try to look at your map before you purchase it. I wanted to find one that clearly featured the area where the couple got engaged and ended up choosing mine from 3 different maps.
- I wanted to feature a specific city so I made sure that I cut the map to include it (in this case, the city is featured in the upper left-hand corner).

The inset features the couple's initials and also served as our engagement card.
- To create the venn diagram inset, use a graphics program to overlap 2 different colored circles and add the text initials inside (I used MS Powerpoint to create this). Then add your message. Finally, print on paper or card stock and cut to size.

Btw, I'm linking this up with The Pinterest Challenge.

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  1. You won the Pinterest Challenge! Congrats girl!