Friday, 27 January 2012

London Zoo + Little Pink Backpack

We decided to take Little Miss to the London Zoo in Regents park for a belated family outing for her recent birthday. It was a cold, yet sunny day and most of the animals were out enjoying the sunshine. Little Miss loved seeing all the penguins swim around their new home and saying "Hello monkey" to all the monkeys. I also liked how the zoo used Christmas trees as toys/entertainment for the animals (what a way to recycle).

Little Miss watching Lion vs. Christmas Tree

"Baby viewing platform"

Aside from having a great day out, Little Miss also needed an early bed time which game me some free time to do some sewing. Hooray!

I always wanted to try out this drawstring backpack tutorial pattern from Prudent Baby and managed to whip one up in less than an hour. Next time around I would use a thinner material for the straps but I used what I had in my stash. The finished product was a bit on the small side but just perfect for a 2 year old or a favorite stuffed animal!

My sewing space (aka..the kitchen table) before getting started.

Fabric from The Eternal Maker
Cotton tape (used as straps) is from John Lewis.

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