Friday, 27 January 2012

Chad Valley Easel

Little Miss was fortunate enough to receive this wonderful birthday present this year from our very good friends. They have two older children so they give me great advice about the best toys to get for the appropriate age. In this case, an easel for Little Miss's 2nd birthday. Although it was before her birthday, I didn't mind setting this one up early.

I did quite a lot of research into easels and thought the Chad Valley Easel was the best choice for the best price (this particular one was purchased at Argos).

(chalk board side w/ paper)

(white board side with magnetic numbers and letters)

(extra bits - magnets, chalk, eraser, leg extenders)


- Double sided w/ a magnetic white board and a chalkboard (hard to find both)
- Can be set up with or without legs. It's the perfect height now for a 2 year old but can be extended when she's older
- Clips on both sides to hold paper
- Accesories! (magnetic numbers & letters, chalk + eraser, whiteboard pens)


- well folks, it's plastic and as bright as a christmas tree

I found it very difficult to find an easel with all my requirements but these manufacturers came very close: ELC, IKEA, and Melissa & Doug.

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