Monday, 25 March 2013

DIY Easter Bonnet

The little one is having an Easter Parade this week at school and we (parents) were asked to make an Easter Bonnet for each child. I'm fairly sure this is an English tradition because I don't remember doing this back home in NY. My family and I used to visit the Easter Parade in Manhattan every year where the Easter bonnets are crazy and fabulous. Alas, this is pre-school, so here's my very first attempt...

Again, times like these beg for a trip to my local Michael's but as there are none in England, I made due with picking up supplies at my local Poundland (hat, nest, pompom chicks & bunnies), Tiger Store (ribbon, felt flowers) and even Butlers (bunny & duck ornaments).

I then used a combination of glue dots and Aileen's tacky glue to affix all the ornaments. The nest and and teal ribbon were sewn on by hand. 


Here's the bonnet in action...despite near freezing temps!!!

Stay warm folks :)


  1. Oh my gosh that is the cutest hat ever! I love the nest on top! Hope it warms up by Easter!

    It's strange, my sister and I got Easter bonnets every year when we were growing up but I haven't seen them in years.

  2. Very cute, i think it's supposed to be a celebration of Easter and spring, not quite worked this year! :o)