Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Another Union Jack Pillow: Strawberries & Lime

I finally completed my "Strawberries & Lime" Union Jack pillow for the little one this week. I wanted a fun color scheme and I think the pink and green fits the bill. I used the same decorative stitches as in this pillow but I didn't want to add to much quilting as the little one is likely to sleep on this one. It is now lovingly referred to as "my pillow!"

Again, I used a kit purchased last year from The Bramble Patch which included both instructions and fabric.

 Here's the back. Please ignore the wrinkly fabric!

I think I need a break from Union Jack patterns for now. While I love the end result, I find the pattern a bit tedious. I suppose I need to find my next fun project for now!

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