Monday, 28 May 2012

Charity Shop Booty...More Cool Books + Plastic Tiger!

I've had such good luck this week with finding a few great books at a local charity shop and church fair. Sometimes I wonder, who enjoys reading these books more? Myself of the little one :)

And again, I'm sharing this blog post over at Simple Design as part of their "Share you thrift haul" series. It's a fun way to share and see other people's thrifted finds!


In this week's collection: 

"Thank You for Taking Care of My Pets" by Tim Hopgood 
(Little miss currently loves "Wow! Said the Owl" by the same author)

"Eloise Takes a Bawth" by Kay Thompson
(I try to collect "Eloise" books as they are wonderful stories and my Sis' namesake) 

"The Curious Girls Book of Adventure" by Claire Gillman
(my favorite find, a collection of how-to's aimed at young girls)

Oh, and a plastic tiger that only my little one would love!
(she's obsessed with her plastic dinosaurs)

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