Saturday, 24 March 2012

Project Simplify 2012: Little Girl's Closet (week 3)

This week's target areas for Project Simplify 2012 were closets, countertops and drawers (oh my). I decided to focus on the remainder of Little Miss' closet and possibly some kitchen cabinets if time allowed.

1. Little girl's closet - I wanted to tackle all the shelving in Little Miss' closet. They've become a total dumping ground for baby stuff both old and new (oh hello breast pump...that's where you've been!). So I literally pulled everything out and started from there.

From the bottom shelf to top:
- Extra toiletries: I gathered all the daily baby supplies onto the bottom shelf. I call this the "baby pantry" where I stock up on nappies/diapers, body wash, etc. when they go on offer in the stores.
- Books/storage:  Parenting/baby books, books for when little one can actually read, unopened gifts, misc.
- Linens/Gifting: I found an extra IKEA storage box (b&w floral, 2nd shelf) and used it to hold extra linens, crib bumper, extra diaper bags, pram hood, etc. I also like to re-use any gift bags for future gift giving, so I went through my stash and only kept the ones that were in good condition.
- Other stuff: things not used every day like nursing pillows, humidifier, etc.

                                  (Before)                                                                           (After)

- Clothing: I managed to go through all of her clothes over the weekend but forgot to take before photos. I spent an afternoon pulling out all the clothes that no longer fit. Some went to charity but the rest are sitting in these huge storage bags and await a new home (somewhere!). The rest were organized by size and type of clothing.

Extra clothes for storage.

 This drawer holds all current clothes.

This drawer holds clothes for next year (L) and the upcoming summer (R).

Until next week...happy organizing :)


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