Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Mommy Wardrobe

When I came across this page in the April 2012 issue of Red magazine, the conversation in my head went something like this:

- "Hey! that's what I wear nearly every day (i.e "The Outfit")."
- "I'm so glad to see that I can spruce up and accessorize my usual every day outfit."
- "Wait, is this a cool fashion tip or kinda sad?"
- (sigh)

Gone are the days of power suits and high healed shoes from my former corporate life. I've traded that wardrobe in for a selection of stripe shirts (more than I care to admit), skinny jeans and comfy flats.

Oh well, you can't chase after a little one through muddy puddles wearing 4" heels and I suppose I'd rather be running through muddy puddles more than anything else right now :)

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