Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Pod of Whale Softies...

It's new baby season again. Not just mine, but I have several friends who have just given birth or are scheduled to so in the next few months. When I came across this whale softie pattern, by things for boys, I knew I could make time to make a few as gifts.

My 3 year old sat next to me for most of afternoon and she really enjoyed "helping" me sew. In fact, she asked if she could have her own pink sewing machine. My heart melted but I think we have to wait a few more years on that one! She did have a lot of fun helping me fill the whale with "fluffies" though (aka polyfill stuffing).

The alphabet whale is waiting to go off to its new baby owner and the pink one if for my little one. She chose it's yellow eye color from my felt scraps. Personally, I think they look like 2 sunny side up eggs but she adores it anyway ;)